5 surprising facts about mosquitoes

World Malaria Day is commemorated annually on 25 April 2013. Although the current number of malaria cases dropped steadily, but in some tropical countries, malaria is still a major threat. Based on the WHO website, World Malaria Day theme this year is "Invest in the future, Defeat Malaria."

Malaria is a dangerous disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes. if not immediately diagnosed and treated, the consequences could be fatal. Here are some facts about mosquitoes, as reported by Daily Bhaskar (25/04).

1. Female mosquitoes live longer
Female mosquitoes can live twice as long as compared to males. When the male mosquitoes live a maximum of two weeks, the female mosquito can live more than a month.

2. Only the female mosquito bites
Only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood to feed her eggs.

3. Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell
Mosquitoes are interested in and do the hunt by smell. Odor makes mosquitoes so interested is the smell of sweat and carbon dioxide.

4. Number of mosquito species
Although only a few mosquitoes that are known to cause dangerous diseases, but actually in the world there are many species of mosquitoes. Around the world at least, there are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes.

5. Mosquitoes grow rapidly
Because it can only survive within two weeks to a month, mosquitoes have very rapid growth. Mosquitoes are able to feed themselves after only four days old. After that they also are able to lay eggs and breed.

Those are some facts about mosquitoes that may not already know. The above facts you can use to protect themselves from mosquito attacks around you.