Cancer-causing chemical found in KFC fries?

Cancer-causing chemical found in KFC fries? - Food has become one of the factors triggering cancer. Even now more and more dangerous cancer-causing chemicals found in cereal until KFC fries.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a chemical compound called acrylamide is formed precisely and carcinogenic - cancer causing - if roasted, baked, or fried in temperatures that are too high.

Party of the Food Standards Agency is conducting an examination of the 300 food chemistry to know what is contained in it.

According to researchers, a variety of foods such as salty chips could potentially cause cancer if consumed regularly for life. Tuc biscuits for example, one of the foods containing acrylamide and fries his samples obtained from KFC Congleton, Connecticut, United States.

Meanwhile, the highest content of carcinogenic chemical found in salted potato chips Seabrook's Sea Salted. In total, there are at least 14 food such as cereals and other chips that contain harmful chemicals.

What lessons can be drawn from the results of the investigation? Of course you should be more careful in choosing the food consumed. But if it has been like unhealthy foods, try to reduce consumption gradually.