Men lower the obesity gene in children and grandchildren

Men lower the obesity gene in children and grandchildren - Parents not only inherit property or valuables but also genes, good or bad. Like the obesity gene to be passed on father to his children and grandchildren.

Recent research has revealed that fathers who are obese and have a weight problem will pass on the issue of children and grandchildren. The researcher explains that this is related to the father's weight at conception takes place.

Researchers found a 'signaling molecules' on the father's sperm is obese. Signaling molecules can be reduced in children and lead to weight problems like obesity, as well as other issues related to it, such as diabetes. Worse, the gene is not only relegated to children, but also likely lowered the grandchildren or future generations.

Decrease obesity gene is valid both for girls or boys. Even so researchers from the University of Adelaide explains that girls are more at risk than men. Even if children have a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods, they are still at risk due to genes passed down by their father.

"Circumstances alter molecules in sperm father. Dad's sperm that obesity has a program that makes the embryo susceptible to obesity and metabolic diseases when they grow up. For girls, the risk may be higher for overweight or obese," said lead researcher Dr. Tod Fullston , as reported by the Daily Mail.

As for the risk of diabetes, equal probability levels in girls and boys, and were less likely to be passed on to grandchildren. Even so, the risk of diabetes is still going down even though the father did not show symptoms of diabetes.