So nerdy it can desist senility old time

So nerdy it can desist senility old time - Penchant read or write from childhood to adulthood it can provide benefits in old age. Research shows that people who actively use the brain for reading, thinking, and writing has remained brilliant brain when they are older.

This study also shows that activities that stimulate the brain such as reading and writing could prevent a person from dementia or other memory problems when they are older, as reported by CBS News.

"Our research shows that exercising the brain by doing some habits such as reading, writing, and more important to maintain the sharpness and brain health in old age," said study author Robert S. Wilson, of Rush Alzheimers Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago.

These results were found after researchers observed 294 older adults who underwent tests of memory for six years. The participants were also asked about the habit of reading, writing journals, or other activities related to brain activity when they were children, teenagers, to adults.

After the participants died, researchers then examined their brains to find a plaque which is a sign of dementia or other brain diseases associated with decreased memory and ability to think.

Researchers found that people who make a habit to make known their brains active memory decline 32 percent more slowly than people who do not have the habit of making their brains active. While people who have never accustom them to the active brain decreased memory and brainpower 48 percent faster.