Migraine disease solved sunglasses

Migraine disease solved sunglasses - Do you often get headaches? The scientists recommend wearing sunglasses to reduce headaches. This is important especially for those who suffer from migraine.

Migraine sufferers avoid light as much as possible when the disease strikes. Light can make migraines worse, even though the light was dim.

As reported by Genius Beauty, scientists from the University of Michigan decided to study these visual disturbances. Migraine symptoms more pronounced when people look bright contrasting stripes, which have a particular shape and color. Most migraine sufferers become extremely sensitive to light.

Studies show wear sunglasses or tinted lenses can help reduce the pain of migraine. With the help of these glasses, head pain can be reduced by up to 70 percent. While standard eyewear helps reduce headaches only about 40 percent.

Use sunglasses when traveling so that your migraine is not getting worse.