10 The benefits of eating raw eggs for health

10 The benefits of eating raw eggs for health - Consuming raw eggs for most people would consider disgusting, especially an unpleasant taste and chewy - chewy definitely make people lazy to eat it. However, behind the disgust and discomfort, it appeared that raw eggs are very much beneficial for health. What kind of benefits, the following 10 benefits of eating raw eggs for health as in the quotation of the following Mag for Women.

1. You will not get fat and cholesterol

If you're a regular frying eggs, be careful because if you fry, the eggs will have saturated fat and high cholesterol. So do not be in cooking, consumption only in a raw state. Then you will be free of the two compounds, which certainly will affect your health.

2. Prevent cancer and heart disease

There is an important content in the yolk that are beneficial to health. A study also revealed that the compounds could prevent cancer and heart disease.

3. Healthy heart

Raw eggs are also rich in antioxidants that play a role in maintaining cardiovascular health. In the two raw eggs, two times the antioxidant content of higher than one apple.

4. Improve mood

Eating raw egg yolks can improve mood. Because compounds in the yolk stimulating certain hormones that make mental health for the better.

5. Ward blindness and cataract

Cataract blindness that usually triggers it can be prevented by eating raw eggs, especially the elderly who are often attacked by both of these conditions.

6. Build muscle

Are dieting and trying to form an athletic body? Try eating raw eggs. High protein content in eggs can make a strong body build muscle and contains.

7. Cure lung disorders

In some cases, eating raw eggs were also potent cure disorders of the lungs, especially people with emphysema.

8. Provide energy

Eating raw eggs together with providing maximum energy in the body. According to nutrition experts, the body would not be difficult if you have to digest a raw egg because there are natural enzymes that aid digestion.

9. Maintain stamina

Raw eggs are consumed not only maintain hormonal balance, accelerate metabolism, and launch the circulatory system, but also maintain stamina and overall health.

10. organic eggs

Eggs are often suspected of containing harmful bacteria Salmonella. So you should choose organic eggs are more secure and have high levels of vitamins.

That's 10 benefits of eating raw eggs, there are many health benefits as well. You have to get used to eating in the raw state. Because if in cooking or other processing is definitely not good for your health. And so may be useful.