9 Foods to avoid with diabetes

9 Foods to avoid with diabetes - Blood sugar levels in people with diabetes need to be kept normal. One way is to avoid certain foods, as quoted from the Share the Care following.

1. White rice

A study once mentioned that consumption of white rice can trigger the disease. Because starchy white rice with a high glycemic index. Diabetics should avoid these foods.

2. Potato

Although white vegetables is a healthy one, it turns out the famous potato can increase blood sugar levels quickly. In order diabetic condition is not getting worse, patients should avoid eating potatoes.

3. Ketchup

Tomato sauce has a sour taste as safe for diabetics. But it turns out bad material for sugar content. Better to avoid the consumption of tomato sauce if you want to avoid diabetes.

4. White pasta

White pasta made ​​from white flour mixed with other hazardous materials. Its easy to digest so it can trigger the blood sugar levels. Cooked white pasta overcooked could even aggravate the condition of diabetes.

5. Bread

Bread lovers? If so, gradually reduce current consumption. Foods made from white flour also include diabetes causes. Therefore to avoid the consumption of bread if you want to maintain stable blood sugar.

6. Artificial sweeteners

Many people think artificial sweeteners are not harmful additives. But food and drinks with artificial sweeteners is not a good friend to people with diabetes. Should reduce their consumption in order to control blood sugar.

7. Fruit juice

If the blood sugar is very low, the fruit juice is the answer. But different things experienced by diabetics. If the sugar content is high, the consumption of fruit juice should be avoided because of the sugar content in them is quite high.

8. Low-fat yogurt

It is true that the fat content in low-fat yogurt has been reduced. But it turns out is a substitute for artificial sweeteners. So these foods should also be avoided by people with diabetes.

9. Energy drinks

Exercising synonymous with consumption of energy drinks. Although energy can be accounted for, it turns out this drink bad effects for diabetics. Instead of energy drinks, the consumption of water or water course head.

That is a variety of foods to avoid with diabetes. Consult with your doctor to be sure what foods are safe for consumption.