4 Meal replacement caffeine

Caffeine has the benefit to make the body is always awake. This is because caffeine will raise your adrenal hormones so that you become more spirit and feel alert.

However, excessive caffeine consumption was also not good for your health. Moreover, you get addicted. Addicted to caffeine will keep you awake and consequently you too so do not have adequate rest periods.

If you experience this, and want to reduce it, below is a food that can replace caffeine in your body.

1. Dandelion root

As reported by mindbodygreen.com, dandelion root is dried and brewed that taste like caffeine.

2. Cocoa powder

Powdered chocolate contains theobromine which is a gentle stimulant that will give you an injection for the same spirit as the effects of caffeine. On the other side of cocoa powder also contain tryptophan, which can make the body feel relaxed.

3. Ginger

Ginger will help improve blood circulation so that it can generate energy and on the other hand can also soothe the body. Try to consume ginger herbal concoctions in the morning to replace coffee.

4. Ginseng

Ginseng is known as food can reduce fatigue and increase energy. This function is similar to caffeine. Not only that, ginseng can also boost the immune system, eliminate toxins in the body, and cope with stress.

Caffeine is one of the substances that are important for the body. But do not get your caffeine addiction. Therefore, to avoid this, you can begin to eat foods above.