Ladies handbag dirtier than toilet

A recent study says that most women bag contains more bacteria than a toilet.

The study also reveals that one in five women's handbags contain bacteria harmful to health. While the dirtiest item in a woman's handbag is a cream bottle far more bacteria than the toilet seat.

The good news, lipstick and mascara were found to contain bacteria as well but not as much cream bottle in her handbag.

According to researchers from the Initial Washroom Hygiene, handbags made ​​of leather is the best place for bacteria to grow and thrive.

"Handbags most frequently touched by women. So should a woman have to be diligent in cleaning hands and bag to minimize health risks from contamination," suggested Peter Barratt researcher, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Previously, a study has also been mentioned that some point in the kitchen workplace is more dirty than toilet.

The easiest way to prevent a bacterial disease is more frequent hand washing and avoiding touching the face with hands habits directly.