10 habits of successful people in the morning

10 habits of successful people in the morning - Healthy habits is one of the routines for successful people. Do not believe? Consider the various habits of successful people in the morning as reported by the Huffington Post following.

Barack Obama

The first black American president is actually the type of person who likes to stay up. But Obama regardless of hours sleep, in the morning he took the time to exercise. According to him, health is number one interest.

Anna Wintour

Vogue magazine chief editor is also almost the same as Barack Obama. This lady did a tennis diligently every day, every morning.

Margaret Thatcher

The late Margaret Thatcher had other habits that are not less good to be emulated in the morning. Although he often slept only four hours a day, every morning at five Thatcher always listened to the news on the radio.

Vladimir Nabokov

Russian author's got a fairly regular habit. After getting out of bed in the morning, he was breakfasting with his wife, then write until ten o'clock.

Tim Armstrong

The CEO of AOL used to get up at five in the morning, whether it's to reply to incoming email or exercising. Sometimes he also read the news and use their own products.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Starring Hollywood Pepper Potts in the Iron Man movie, Gwyneth Paltrow. Women are always up in the morning, about half past four, then yoga. No wonder if his stay beautiful and glowing despite entering the age of 40 years.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is the architect who admitted often woke up at four in the morning and his head was filled with ideas. He also worked three to four hours, then re-take a nap.

Michelle Obama

Just like her husband, Michelle Obama menomorsatukan sport as a habit in the morning. The reason was that he wanted to be an example for their children.

Simone de Beauvoir

Writer and feminist Simone de Beauvoir claimed not people who used to get up in the morning. But this woman trying to start her day with a cup of tea after work.

Robert Iger

Disney CEO Robert Iger also include people who often get up at half past five in the morning. Just like the others, he is exercising, reading the newspaper, checking email, and watch a little tv in the morning.

Similarly, a variety of healthy habits of successful people in the morning. If you do?