6 Benefits of running for health

6 Benefits of running for health - Healthy lifestyle not only consume foods without sugar and greasy , but should also exercise . Exercise should not be done at the gym , at home or in a public place can be done , such as running . With running , many benefits can get , which can reduce the fat in the body , overcoming type 2 diabetes , heart disease , high blood pressure , stroke , and cancer .

Everyone would already know that exercise is good for health . However , not many people know the benefits of each type of exercise , such as running . Here are some of the benefits of running that can nourish the body , as reported by Today Health.

1 . Make happy

Running it can make a person a better mood . A study conducted in 2006 and published in Medicine & Science , found that 30 minutes of walking and running can improve mood and relieve stress . So is research in 2013 which revealed that physical activity like running can treat depression .

2 . Losing weight

Exercising by running helps you burn fat and calories . Even after running and exercising , the combustion process is still ongoing . You do not have to run fast because even running at moderate speed can also burn a lot of fat .

3 . Strengthen muscles and bones

Running can increase muscle mass and help prevent bone loss with age . Some people believe that running bad for your knees . When in fact , it ran good for the health of the knee , as revealed in a study at Boston University .

4 . Sharpens the brain

A study conducted in December 2012 revealed that regular exercise , to run, to counteract the decline in brain function . Not only that , the study also found that seniors who diligently exercise has a high value in mental tests .

5 . Reduce cancer risk

Running it can not cure cancer , but there is some research evidence that running can prevent cancer . Research in the Journal of Nutrition showed that regular exercise can lower the risk of cancer , as well as improving quality of life while doing chemotherapy .

6 . Make a long life

Research reveals that people are more likely to exercise diligent long. People who smoke , but diligently exercise will have a longer life of 4 years , while those who do not smoke can was three years old .

By running , we do not just get dah strong healthy body , but it can prevent and treat disease in the body . That's the benefit of running . May be useful .