Watch out, love to make people put on weight!

Watch out, love to make people put on weight! - Every person who is in love definitely feel the flowery and happy every time. But be careful, fell in love with it also can have a negative impact. A study showed that more than 60 percent of couples gain weight when they feel in love.

Approximately 62 percent of people admitted to getting fat after they undergo a romantic relationship. While 72 percent said that their partners also put on weight after with them. Surprisingly, 52 percent of women admitted they often eat the same portion with male partners. While 56 percent of women even eat more than their usual consumption.

Research conducted by Diet Chef also revealed that 66 percent of couples say they gained weight at the same time. This makes fall in love and live a romantic relationship to be one cause of the increase in obesity, as reported by the Daily Mail.

So, how can one put on weight when they fall in love or romantic relationship? The answer is clear, 30 percent of couples said that the joint activities such as watching television together or dating makes them eat more. While 20 per cent of couples said that the activities of eating together makes them closer.

"This study reveals interesting results. We appreciate how couples make food have a role in their relationship. While they can enjoy the food, they also have to realize the importance of maintaining health and controlling food they consume, especially the portion of the problem," said Izzi Cameron of Diet Chef.

Surprisingly, the study also reveals something more startling. Approximately 40 percent of British people who become participants explained that they feel comfortable burping in front of the couple. While 26 percent did not even matter if the exhaust air near the couple.

Still, not all partner considers romantic relationship as an excuse to gain weight. About 26 percent of couples also hope that they can live a healthier life with their partner. What about you? Are you also gain weight as they fall in love and start a romantic relationship?