10 Dangers of Sugar to health

10 Dangers of Sugar to health - Excessive sugar consumption can promote weight loss. It was indeed clear. But there are many other threats to the health of the body's sugar. What is it? Check out more as reported by the Huffington Post following.


A recent study says that eating too much sugar is able to interfere with the mechanism of the heart in pumping blood. So if it is left unchecked, the sugar is the same as increasing the risk of heart failure.

Fat in the abdomen

Cases of obesity is increasing because many people live unhealthy lifestyles, one of which is excessive sugar consumption. Sugar was acting as one of the main causes of fat piled in waist circumference and abdominal.

Silent killer

Not just salt and high blood pressure that can kill silently, sugar is the same. Because when people are overweight due to sugar, most of them consider it reasonable. In fact, if left unchecked, there are many diseases that threaten.


Consumption of high amounts of sugar equal to the chance of survival is relatively low for people with cancer, especially breast cancer and colon cancer.


Properties of sugar so bad, about the same as alcohol can make a person addicted. When sugar left, 'addicts' will continue to feel hungry and want to eat sugar again.


Another study last year also proved that sugar and alcohol have the same effects to the liver, which are toxic. Liver function is impaired and could even damage caused by excessive sugar consumption.


Another danger to the health of sugar the body can be seen from the condition of the brain. A study in 2009 also proved that excessive sugar consumption is closely related to the aging of cells in the brain.


Some of the food does not have a sweet taste, like ketchup to bread. But apparently the sugar may be hiding in it. Therefore, the consumption of food should always be considered.


Approximately 180,000 deaths in the world due to the consumption of sweetened thought, according to new research. No wonder, because sugar is associated with the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


This is the danger of sugar most often mentioned by experts, diabetes. Excess sugar disrupt insulin system, so that consumption is not controlled can improve type 2 diabetes.

That the dangers of sugar for a healthy body. Although sugar is needed, but not to eat excessively.