Achieve a flat stomach in a week with these 5 easy ways

Who does not want to have a flat stomach and sexy? All the people both men and women want a flat stomach because beauty can support your appearance.

Therefore, there are many tips that can help you to achieve a flat stomach. One of them is the following tips as quoted from

1. Reducing sugar intake

Sugar became one of the causes of the stomach becomes distended. Therefore make sure that you always reduce sugar intake and be careful with the food you eat because these foods contain hidden sugars.

Sugar is mainly derived from bakery products, junk food, and dairy products can cause fat deposits in the body.

2. Increase consumption of vegetables

Vegetables are foods that, when consumed as much as anything will not cause obesity. You can adopt a diet with vegetables multiply for 1 full week. Then the next week you can combine style diet is a combination of vegetables and fruits.

Generally vegetable that is widely used is the tomato and spinach.

3. Sport

Whatever the form , the sport is able to burn fat in the body. In addition to reducing the fat content , the sport is able to provide long-term health effects.

You can do the exercise that concentrates on abdominal exercises for at least 1 hour and you can do it for 2 weeks to get a flat stomach shape.

4. Enlarge the consumption of protein

Your body uses fat to break down proteins. Therefore, the more protein you consume, the more fat is burned.

But before you adopt this style of diet , you should consult your physician first. Because there are some types of the condition of the body that do not match the style of this diet.

5. Drinking lemon water

Lemon water is consumed in the morning is a good liquid detox to cleanse the digestive tract. The nature of the acid in the lemon water is able to bind fat in the body.

If you make good habits continuously for a full week, it will increase your chances of getting a flat stomach shape.

Flat stomach and healthy is a reflection of a good digestive health. If you have good digestive health, it can improve the body's overall health. Therefore there is no harm if you apply the above tips for the health of your body.