3 Reasons why eating chocolate is good for health

3 Reasons why eating chocolate is good for health - Chocolate is a favorite food of many people. Not just because it tastes delicious, but because the chocolate was also good for the health of.

One proof that chocolate is good for the health of a study recently said chocolate could make the elderly brain remains active. Consider another reason why chocolate is good for health, as reported by Live Science below.

1. Healthy heart
Eating chocolate every day can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a study in 2012.

2. To lose weight
If you think that eating fat makes chocolate, you are wrong. Because a study proves that chocolate consumption is associated with lean body weight.

3. Control appetite
Chocolate contains fiber which is a natural appetite suppressant. If you are already eating chocolate, you are more controlled in other foods.

Although healthy tan, there are a few things about food is related to be considered further. What is it? Listen more.

  • Chocolate bars. Dark chocolate actually has a bitter taste, so it is usually mixed with brown other ingredients. So try to choose a darker chocolate bar because the content of dark chocolate in it far more numerous and healthy.
  • Drink hot chocolate. In addition to be enjoyed in the form of bars, chocolate can also be consumed as a beverage. Use powdered dark chocolate coupled with a natural sweetener to get the maximum benefits from these healthy drinks.
  • Another chocolate. Not like a chocolate bar or drink hot chocolate? You can enjoy chocolate powder sprinkled on foods such as cereal and oatmeal.
Although chocolate is very healthy, do not forget to still meet the nutritional needs of the body from other foods such as fruits and vegetables.