Overcome toothache with 6 natural ingredients

Toothache was indeed torture. The resulting pain sometimes radiates up to your head and make it difficult to move. To solve it, then you take the drugs.

But actually there are natural ingredients that can cure your toothbrush more safely.


When toothache strikes, immediately grab a handful of spinach and chew. Spinach is loaded with calcium and iron that can relieve toothache.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves contain antibacterial properties to efficiently counteract pain. To chew guava leaves out the mucus and allow some time at the sore tooth.


Made from clove oil can reduce tooth pain. You can rub it on the painful area.


Besides being known as a spice in cooking, garlic can also be used as a herbal medicine. When you chew garlic toothache.


When a toothache, take a tea bag that had previously been dipped in warm water. Substance content of tannins in it help reduce pain due to toothache.


Because rich in anti-bacterial properties, ginger is a herbal remedy that can be used to heal wounds and swelling.

Instead of taking drugs that contain chemicals, it is better if you are taking herbal remedies such as the example above. Because in addition to cure, herbal remedies are also safe for your health.