Eating white bread beneficial to improve digestive health

So far, many health experts say that eating white bread is not good for health especially can make weight gain. That's why you stay away and switch to whole wheat bread richer in fiber and healthy.

But apparently the research conducted at the University of Oviedo, Spain found that white bread is not really evil to the human body. Instead of white bread is good for digestive health.

"White bread has been shunned because of high carbohydrate and sugar hidden fatten the human body is capable of. Though the study found that eating white bread is able to enhance the growth of good bacteria in the stomach that Lactobacillus bacteria. Beneficial bacteria to keep your digestion to keep it healthy, "said Dr. Sonia Gonzales, researchers from this university.

"One of the most effective ways to keep your health is to eat healthy food in a good way. So, you actually do not have to confuse what foods you eat. However eat well, choose a good quality food."

That is why he also suggests eating white bread although still beneficial for health, but eat a good quantity and quality.