4 due to health problems often hold pee

Urination is one of the mechanisms the body to excrete waste products that could be bad for health. But sometimes, there are things that cause people to have to hold pee. It could be because the place is not possible, while doing other activities, or other reasons. Most people might think that the hold up is not serious. But better be careful, especially if the hold up is getting to be a habit already.

One of the myths that are spread hold pee too often and for too long will make your internal organs 'explode'. Of course this is just a myth. But do not underestimate habits hold up too long. Hold pee too long can lead to several health problems, as reported by the Health Works, below.

1. Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infection or UTI is one of the so-called health problems caused by infection in the urinary tract. Urinary tract infections can be very painful. You will feel the urge to urinate frequently, but also feel pain in the urethra. Some other symptoms are blood in the urine and a burning sensation when urinating.

2. Bladder Infection

Dr. Chamandeep Bali from Toronto Naturophatic Health Clinic reveal that the longer you hold pee, then the bladder will be more potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to infections that spread to the kidneys and cause bigger problems in the body.

3. Dysfunction urination

This problem is more commonly known as the Lower Urinary Tract Symptomps (LUTS). Usually this happens when you start to not be able to control the bladder and urinary tract you. Poor coordination between the muscles of the bladder to the urethra is made ​​when a person has trouble urinating. Some of them you can wet, do not urinate until completed, and the quality of the declining sex.

4. Could not hold pee anymore

This one problem usually occurs in people who are elderly. This problem makes people can not hold pee anymore so they often mengonpol or urinate directly on the spot.

It turns out that due to the hold up problem can be very dangerous and serious is not it? Therefore, from now on you should not get used to holding urination for too long. Jump to the bathroom if it is dying for a pee. Hold pee habits that can lead to fatal underestimated if it continues.