4 effects of coffee drinking habits in young girls

Caffeine is contained in coffee cause different effects on each person. There were immediately excited after taking them, some are even getting health problems because of its frequency of drinking coffee.

Drinking coffee has now become a habit of many people, including young women. In fact, according to research reported from boldsky.com, drinking coffee is able to provide some impact on their health as below.

Cardiovascular disease

In some health studies, young women who love to consume coffee have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. This is because the caffeine content in it is capable of affecting the health of high heart arteries that can develop this disease.

Affect the menstrual cycle

Your daughter's menstrual cycle can also be hampered because of the habit of drinking coffee. Because caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure during the follicular and menstrual pain.

Weight gain

Young women who are fond of drinking coffee also have a higher risk of developing weight gain. Because during puberty, caffeine tends to cause an increase in the body Ma.

Hormonal imbalance

When I became a teenager and is going through puberty is the time when hormonal imbalance occurs. While an excessive intake of caffeine is able to cause changes in hormonal secretion patterns because there is a change in the pattern of heart rate and blood pressure.

If your daughter has a habit of drinking coffee, you should be careful because the caffeine in it can bring adverse effects to their health. Thus limit their coffee consumption.