Sports cuts death risk in the elderly

During this exercise is known as one of the healthy lifestyle. Sports do to maintain health and fitness. But now researchers revealed that exercise is also well recommended as a cure. Based on research at QUT, do regular exercise can reduce health risks for women who are elderly.

Professor Debra Anderson from QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation explained that in addition to maintaining physical and mental fitness, medical expert should advise exercise to help women who are elderly recover from their health problems. Through the five-year study, researchers looked at the effect of exercise on physical and mental health of women over the age of 50 years.

"Research clearly shows that exercise can provide physical and mental benefits, especially if done in conjunction with other health care. Research suggests that older women should exercise at least 30-45 minutes for five times a week," said Professor Anderson, as reported by Science Daily.

Anderson also explained that exercise can reduce the risk of death in the elderly. Seniors who physically move actively and diligently exercise have a longer life as compared to seniors who rarely exercise. In addition, exercise is also very good for mental health.

According to the study, women who are elderly is still able to exercise like jogging, running, and streets. Not only mild exercise. Therefore, do not be lazy just because of advanced age. Regular exercise can keep your body fit and make a longer life.