5 Causes & 13 Symptoms Of Folic Acid Deficiency

5 Causes & 13 Symptoms Of Folic Acid Deficiency - Can you often feel tired and slowed down by fatigue? Do frequent mouth or peptic ulcers bother you? Then you‘re probably suffering given by a deficiency of folic acid.

Causes & 13 Symptoms Of Folic Acid Deficiency
Folic acid is a kind of B vitamin which may be mentioned as Vitamin B9 or Folate. Folic acid is really a synthetic sort of folate, and that is added to fortified foods and health supplements. Folate is really a generic term employed for folic acid along with for natural folate found in foods.

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Folic acid is really a water soluble vitamin. Our body doesn‘t store folic acid but requires a food source to its continuous supply. Following will be the functions of folic acid :

It‘s essential for producing red blood cells
Regulates normal cell division
Synthesizes amino acids
Metabolizes homocysteine
Promotes proper functioning from the immune system
Aids for the development of maternal tissue during pregnancy
Regulates physiological functions
Folates help to scale back fatigue and tiredness
Folic acid is likewise liable for the development of tissues and functioning of cells
It‘s critical for proper functioning ofthatbrain and likewise plays a crucial role in mental and emotional well-being
It helps to supply DNA and RNA, so is absolutely important throughout the rapid development of cells and tissues for example in infancy, during adolescence so when pregnant
Folic acid works with Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 to aid one‘s body in breaking down proteins, and protein formation
Consuming appropriate quantities of folic acid while pregnant helps to avoid certain birth related defects for example spina bifida
Folic acid works well for prevention of anemia
Causes Of Folic Acid Deficiency :

Many of the factors which are found to become liable for folic acid deficiency are :

5 Causes & 13 Symptoms Of Folic Acid Deficiency

1. Diet :

The most reason for folic acid deficiency is definitely an imbalanced diet, which contains low quantities of more vegetables, fruits and fortified cereals. Over cooking of foods may destroy folic acid.

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2. Diseases : 

Diseases for example Crohn’s disease and Celiac disease which impact the absorption of folic acid inside the gastrointestinal tract can cause folic acid deficiency.

3. Side Effects Of Medications :

Certain medications as sulfasalazine, phenytoin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole are found to cause folic acid deficiency.

4. Excessive Alcohol Consumption :

Alcohol is found to interfere with folic acid absorption. Alcohol adds to the excretion of folic acid through urination.

5. Oral Contraceptive Pills :

Studies reveal that oral contraceptive pills are found to interfere using the absorption of folic acid coming from the food.

Symptoms Of Folic Acid Deficiency :

Folic acid deficiency is commonly found in many individuals. Deficiency of folic acid may cause symptoms that often subtle. Many of the common symptoms are :

Fatigue and tiredness
Mouth ulcers
Peptic Ulcers
Swollen tongue or glossitis
Grey hair
Poor growth
Loss of appetite
Symptoms because of folic acid anemia are caused by lower oxygen levels inside the body. Many of the symptoms of folic acid anemia are :

Persistent fatigue
Stomach and intestinal ailments for example diarrhea, constipation
Tender, smooth red and painful tongue
Pale skin
Diagnosis Of Folic Acid Deficiency :

Folic acid deficiency could be diagnosed by an easy blood test. Folate level tests are often recommended for pregnant women during prenatal checkups.

Certain severe complications may occur because of folic acid deficiency. Folic acid is important for normal production of red blood cells. Severe deficiency may result in megaloblastic anemia, a condition in which the red blood cells aren‘t completely developed and therefore are larger compared to the normal size. It could also result in a low count of platelets and white blood cells. Fetus also may develop serious birth defects in spinal cord and brain.

Treatment And Prevention Of Folic Acid Deficiency :

Treatment of folic acid deficiency involves dietary intake and supplements of folic acid.
Vitamin B complex is that the usually prescribed sort of folic acid supplement.
For prevention of folic acid deficiency while pregnant, alcohol intake ought to be totally stopped.
An effective nutritious diet is recommended to avoid folic acid deficiency.
Consumption of food rich in folic acid content is likewise recommended.
Dietary Sources Of Folic Acid :

Folic acid occurs naturally inside the foods for example :

Citrus fruits and juices
Dried beans, peas and legumes
Dark green leafy vegetables as spinach and broccoli
Melons and bananas
Tomato juice
Mushrooms and asparagus
Pork, poultry, shellfish, kidney and liver meat
Wheat bran
Fortified cereals
Other Available Forms :

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is found in multivitamin supplements, chewable and liquid drops for children, B Complex Vitamins or separately as Folic acid supplements.

It‘s advisable to consume folic acid as an important aspect of or like a multivitamin, since other B vitamins are needed to its functioning.

Folic acid is available as softgels, tablets or logenzes.

Recommended Dietary Allowance of folic acid is 400 micrograms daily. Pregnant women are recommended to bring folic acid supplements.

Foods fortified with folic acid include enriched breads, flours, cereals, pastas, rice, cornmeal and lots of other grain products.

Excess intake of folic acid doesn‘t cause any side effects. Since folic acid is really a water soluble vitamin, It‘s regularly flushed from the body through urine.

Importance Of Folic Acid For Pregnancy :

Folic acid prevents major birth defects referred to as neural tube defects for example spina bifida. This can be a condition in which the baby’s spine or brain Isn‘t completely developed. These defects are found to occur throughout the initial weeks of pregnancy even until the pregnancy is detected.

Women who wish to conceive are recommended daily vitamin supplements for adequate intake of folic acid. Expectant mothers got to begin taking folic acid supplements throughout the pregnancy period. However, the folic acid supplements ought to be taken as per the dose advised from the doctor or perhaps a medical practitioner.

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