8 Stomach problems that must be known

Stomach problems are one of the common health problems that we often face. Although sometimes sound trivial, abdominal pain can be very annoying fitness of your body. That's why it's important to find out what problems you are facing stomach. Let's refer to the full review of Boldsky!

1. The increase in gastric acid
If you do not eat anything in a long time, enzymes in your stomach acid will be strong. And as soon as you eat, acidic foods and make it rise to the top.

2. Gassy stomach
Flatulence is produced when the air heavy weight digest fibrous foods like cabbage. Stomach will feel withdrawn and may also experience a burning sensation in the body due to the gas. You can drink lots of water to dilute the gas is so easily removed from the body.

3. Ulcer
You have a very irregular meal? This makes the enzyme acid in the stomach erode the stomach lining. This condition can cause stinging and burning in the stomach.

4. Indigestion
Indigestion is a relatively simple stomach problems. Stomach can not digest food that is too heavy or spicy. Therefore, it is advisable to eat fruits and vegetables are good for digestion.

5. Constipation
When you eat food that has too much protein and carbohydrates but very little fiber, the stool will be hard. This condition can lead to constipation, which can indirectly kill the appetite and cause prolonged abdominal pain. Drink plenty of water and eat papaya to overcome constipation.

6. Lactose Intolerance
Some adults do not have the enzyme to digest milk called lactose. As a result, when consuming milk or milk products, they may experience indigestion. The only way that you can do to cope is to avoid all dairy products.

7. Wormy
Sometimes, worm its way into the stomach due to our lack of hygiene or eating infected food. Meat that is not processed correctly can contain worms. They lead to an upset stomach and make you feel itching on the anus. You need to take worm medicine to get rid of the stomach worms.

8. Irritable bowel syndrome
If you have chronic indigestion and abdominal pain, it could mean that you are suffering from some sort of irritable bowel syndrome. Your digestive power will also be reduced significantly. Because the disease can not be cured, you have to be careful with what you eat.

Here are eight abdominal problems we often face. But it is possible, it can be very dangerous to your life if not treated properly.