Discrimination is difficult to make fat people lose weight

Discrimination is difficult to make fat people lose weight - Discriminate in obese people because of their weight not only hurt them psychologically, but also physically. study revealed that obese people who experience discrimination will be more difficult to lose weight and tend to become obese.

Compared with obese people are not discriminated against, people who have been discriminated against 2.5 times more likely to be obese and difficult to lose weight, according to researchers.

"Discrimination is very painful and also has an effect on physical health," said lead researcher Angelina Sutin of Florida State University, as reported by U.S. News.

By Sutin, most people think that by mocking and discriminating on the fat they can motivate them to lose weight. When in fact quite the opposite.

It is also supported by the opinion of one expert who said that discrimination can destroy a person's self confidence and makes them more difficult to make changes to them.

"I have worked hard for several years to help the patients that come to me in health counseling and weight management. Discrimination in our society is in fact an additional wound for them," said Dr. David Katz of Yale University Prevention Research Center.

The research was conducted by Sutin and colleagues of 6,000 people in 2006 and in 2010. They found that people who experience weight discrimination in 2006 had a 2.5 times greater risk of obesity in 2010.