Increasing number of infertile men, right?

Increasing number of infertile men, right? - On a routine conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, some health experts argue about the issues 'sperm crisis' that happened during the last few years.

The debate is not without reason. Because a previous study from France found that sperm concentration was decreased to 30 percent between the years 1989-2005.

Not only that, several studies from Europe also mentioned, during the last 15 years the men aged 18-25 decreased sperm count.

Europe is not even the only continent that worried about the decline in the number of sperm in the male population. In the United States, some data suggest that the men there were experiencing similar problems.

Based on that, the researchers began to question, 'Is it true that the number of male infertility is increasing?'

If there is truly a problem 'sperm crisis', health experts are increasingly worried. Because infertility is not the only problem faced by each partner.

As reported by Mother Nature Network, sperm count is an indication of men's health. If sperm has decreased the number, it is not impossible men have certain health implications.

Some causes of the decline in sperm counts is exposure to pesticides or chemicals such as BPA, lifestyle, obesity, drug addiction and drug abuse, or even poison the men received when they were still in his mother's womb.