Red-haired young men at risk of getting cancer

Red-haired young men at risk of getting cancer - A recent study says the discovery that could be considered a bit racist. Because according to researchers from the National Institute for Health and Medicine in Finland, the red-haired man had a distinct advantage in health.

Recent research has revealed that men are rather red-haired 54 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who had blonde hair color, brown, or black.

Unfortunately it is not certain why the red-haired man small risk of getting cancer. But researchers suspect it is caused by a specific gene associated with hair color pigmentation.

However, although a little 'immune' to cancer, turned out to have red hair also have disadvantages in terms of health.

Based on the research of Louisville University, the red-haired man flu just miserable when sick and vulnerable to skin cancer.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a total of 20,000 men aged 50-69 years involved in the study. Researchers also found the 1,982 men of esophageal cancer and only one percent in that has red hair.

The results then reported in the British Journal of Cancer.