5 Causes of dry cough

5 Causes of dry cough - Cough can affect anyone, whether young children, adults, and the elderly. Common types of cough santa easily cured with medication, can even heal by itself without taking drugs. But if a dry cough, it can not be considered trivial. When dry cough attack you, you may have symptoms of a serious illness. You have to know the causes of dry cough, as reported by Mag for Women following.

1. Respiratory infections
Dry cough can by comparing respiratory infections. So if you are a dry cough not recover in one to two weeks immediately consult the doctor. Because if not handled by experts, it is likely there will be other symptoms.

2. Allergic reactions
Often allergic to something, might cause a dry cough. Signs scratchy throat and eye redness or irritation. Soon overcome your allergy so that you experience a dry cough stopped.

3. Drug side effects
Be careful when often consume drugs without a doctor's prescription. Due to random drug consumption can also lead to a dry cough. Properties of several drugs (one of which is to control blood pressure) can indeed trigger a dry cough.

4. Acid reflux
When eating spicy foods, the amount of stomach acid are increased. Even in some cases, acid reflux or a rose in my throat. That is one of the causes of dry cough.

5. Serious illness
Final cause of dry cough is a sign of a serious illness such as cancer, heart failure, pneumonia up. Dry cough usually also accompanied by various other symptoms such as shortness of breath, blurred vision, swollen body, and other alarming conditions.

To prevent health problems arise for the other body, quickly handle your dry cough. When everything has been in the travel way but dry cough continued unabated, immediately contact your doctor skilled in the art to get proper treatment.