5 Symptoms of a sleep disorder that needs to be known

5 Symptoms of a sleep disorder that needs to be known - Rights that people frequently experience insomnia every night is. If you often have trouble sleeping, you are suffering from sleep disorders. Try to identify the first symptoms, as reported by ABC News following.

Still exhausted

've Slept for eight hours a day, but when you wake up, the body is still feeling fatigue. If this is the case, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Because the normal sleep cycle will actually make the body more fit when you wake up.


Try asking couples who sleep with you, if he's told you snore while sleeping? Some people believe that snoring is harmless. But snoring can also be an indication of sleep apnea disorder - a condition when breathing stops a few seconds while sleeping.

Fell asleep during the day

While reading, watching television, or driving, whether you are asleep? It is normal if you are lacking sleep the night before. But if it happens many times despite hours of sleep a night is filled, it is one of the symptoms of sleep disorders.


Some people who are used to staying up finally closed his eyes hard. If left unchecked, this fact can be dangerous insomnia. Therefore when you have trouble sleeping more than a month, immediately contact your doctor to ask for help.

Other symptoms

Besides sleeplessness, do you also often wake up in the night because of depression, nightmares, or chronic pain unbearable? If so, sleep disturbance may have led to other problems that need to be taken seriously.

That the various symptoms of sleep disorders that need to be known. Contact your doctor immediately if you have symptoms mentioned above.