Prevent obesity in children by 5 steps

Prevent obesity in children by 5 steps - Obesity can affect anyone. Both young and old. Even with the rise of fast food this time, the children susceptible to obesity. It's a very unfortunate thing because obesity can lead to some serious diseases that will attack the obese children.

Obesity in children can be prevented as early as possible. As a parent you can prevent it by following these 5 easy steps as has been reported from

1. Provide healthy food at home

Healthy foods like fruits can replace those unhealthy snacks. Potato chips, chocolate, and candy is a small portion of the sample snacks kids love. To make it look attractive, you can make a fruit salad that favored child.

2. Limit your time watching TV and playing games

Both of the above activities is the kind of activity that did not make the body of your baby move. In fact, in order to prevent obesity, the children have to do a healthy activity to burn calories. Therefore limit the time watching television and playing games on the computer and get them to play outside the house.

3. As a mother, you have to be diligent cooking

If you are diligent cooking for your baby then less likely to eat fast food filled with additives that trigger obesity. Moreover, by cooking your own meals then you can create a healthy menu for the little guy.

4. Diligently visited the doctor nutrition

Nutrients will help your doctor to determine what nutrients and how much amount is needed by your baby. With proper nutrition then your baby will avoid obesity

5. Be a good example for your child

You forbid your children to eat unhealthy food, but instead your own doing. Well , usually the child will imitate the behavior of their parents. Therefore, if you forbid your children to snack at random then you also have to consequently.

However, if obesity has attacked your child , take her to speak. Tell that obesity can be removed with exercise and a healthy diet. Encourage your child not even blame the obesity he experienced.