Relieve stress in just 15 minutes

Relieve stress in just 15 minutes - Daily routine filled with tremendous pressures can often cause you to be stressed. Stress that hit if not addressed promptly can lead to depression.

Below are 9 steps you can do to relieve stress in a short time.

Spraying lavender fragrance

As reported by, fragrant lavender is useful to relax the muscles and provide a calming effect as well. The lavender fragrance spray at your favorite place to relieve anxiety, panic, and stress.

Looking at it from a new perspective

Stress often occurs because you see a problem from the standpoint of the ordinary. Try to look at your problem from a different perspective because then you can see the positive side of your problem so that you become easily stressed.


A walk can make your mind become fresh again. Therefore when you are feeling stressed, go for a walk and bersentuhanlah with nature in order to stress subsides.

Play soothing music

Music with a slow tempo will create a feeling of calm and peace so that you hear.


When you smile, you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of peace, happiness, and prosperity. Smile when you encounter a problem you can feel so light.

Take a deep breath

When feelings of anxiety and stress that come in, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You can then load issues raised slowly.

Water the plants

Gardening and interact with nature will help restore peace of mind and feelings.

Call a friend

Often feelings of anxiety and stress comes when you feel lonely. It would not hurt you to call your friends and tell all your problems in your mind so that the load becomes lighter.

Do not turn on the TV

Sometimes even television will increase the level of anxiety and depression that you feel. Turn off your TV and go out of the house so that your mind becomes calm again.

Sudden stress will hit the menggawat if you do not immediately handle. Manage stress with 9 steps above so that you can be free of stress.