10 An important benefit of guava fruit for health

10 An important benefit of guava fruit for health - Guava is a fruit that is found in Indonesia. During this popular guava fruit only to raise the blood platelets. Besides guava fruit can be used in skin care and weight loss programs.

Not only that, here are other benefits that can be obtained from the guava fruit as reported from healthmeup.com.
  • Potassium content in guava fruit can be used to reduce blood pressure and also control your blood pressure stability.
  • Guava can lower cholesterol because it can thin the blood so it will increase the blood circulation.
  • Diabetes in children can be prevented by consuming fruit guava because it can help slow the absorption of sugar in secret.
  • Guava can be used to treat constipation due to the high fiber they contain.
  • Guava will protect your body's cells from free radical damage. besides guava can also be used for skin care because it contains antioxidants and vitamin C in it.
  • Guava will help you in the fight against cancer cells because of the high vitamin C in it.
  • Guava will enhance brain function because it contains vitamin B which is important for blood circulation.
  • Guava can improve your fertility because it is rich in folic acid.
  • Of guava juice also has properties as a natural remedy because it can cure respiratory problems.
  • Lastly, guava can also improve vision as vitamin A in it.
Turns guava fruit has many health benefits. Therefore, it would not hurt if you start diligently eating guava for your health.