This happens in the body when exposed to the flu!

This happens in the body when exposed to the flu! - In a season like this, amid rampant flu virus. It's important to maintain fitness and boost immunity to avoid contracting the disease. But if you are already infected and affected by the flu, there are things you should know associated with the flu cycle in your body.

Here is a picture of what happens to your body when exposed to influenza A suitable translation of Professor Gregory Poland, MD of the Mayo Clinic, as reported by the Huffington Post.

In the 24 hours up to 48 hours

Flu virus into the respiratory tract. Can be inhaled through the air or transmitted from other people who have the flu when they cough or sneeze. In addition, the flu virus can also enter through the hands that touch the face. Once inside, the flu virus began to stick to the cells lining the airways, then multiply.

So far, you will not experience any symptoms and do not feel the presence of the virus. Unfortunately, at this stage you also can not do much because you have not realized already infected with the flu virus.

On days 5 to 7

Immune cells to work and move to the location where the virus multiplies. Immune cells then also give a signal molecule to activate the immune system. Furthermore, the body will increase the immune response to virus attacks and try to prevent the virus does not infect other cells.

At this stage, you will experience the common symptoms of flu such as fever, fatigue, frequent sneezing, cold feeling, and experiencing muscle soreness. When experiencing these symptoms you can reduce it with a cup of tea, take aspirin or acetaminophen to reduce fever.

But actually, it is best done at this stage is resting. At this stage you are also very likely to transmit the flu virus to others. So better get some rest at home and not go to work in order to get well and do not transmit the virus to other colleagues

Depends on the immune system and that you do care, flu can last up to several days or subside quickly. When it will subside, then this is going to happen to your body.

In the last days

Due to a strong immune system, eventually the body can be deadly flu virus. Inflammation that occurs in the body also decreases. At this stage you may still feel weak and discomfort in the throat, but the fever has gone down and Howling.

At this stage , the rate of transmission of the virus has also been down so you can get back on the move. Even so, it is better if you keep re- break up healthy and fit.

Those are some stages that occur in the body when you have flu. It is important to note that you really can pass the flu virus to others when you feel symptoms. Ranging from symptoms of fever, headache, sneezing and coughing up. So watch carefully when you are experiencing symptoms , and it might be wise to not transmit the flu virus in people around you.