5 surprising facts about colds and flu

5 surprising facts about colds and flu - Colds and flu season has arrived. To avoid the disease, you can take vitamin C and diligent exercise. But other than that, here are seven surprising facts about colds and flu that you should know.

1. Colds and flu can be prevented by washing hands

Want to avoid colds and flu? Diligent hand washing. Washing hands is a simple preventive measures to block the flu virus.

2. Exercise can prevent colds and flu

Diligent exercise can boost your immune system so that you too can avoid all kinds of viral diseases including colds and flu.

3. Flu can be deadly

As reported by care2.com, in 1918-1919 about 50 million people in the world die from the disease Spanish flu. This is one example that proves that the flu can be very dangerous and lead to death.

4. The flu virus can move up to a distance of 6 meters

If you are around people affected by colds and flu, try to stand at least 6 feet away from them. This is because the range of flu viruses can only move up to a distance of 6 meters.

5. Flu can be cured by natural means

In addition to vitamin C and other nutrients, the flu is curable natural ways like eating a lot of soup and hot tea. Nutrient content of these foods can eliminate some viruses that you suffered.

Colds and flu are among the types of ailments that can be dangerous if you underestimate. Therefore keep your health so that you can avoid the flu.