5 Reasons to eat donuts can damage your health!

5 Reasons to eat donuts can damage your health! - Who does not like donuts? Soft bread and a variety of flavors that melted sugar on it, it could make a lot of people are tempted. But do not eat too many donuts, donuts as well as can give a bad effect on health.

Here are some reasons you should reduce or even stop eating donuts right now, as reported by Fitnea.

1. Unhealthy

Unlike the donuts are made ​​or created by home-based entrepreneurs, the donuts are made ​​in a large kitchen then distributed to different outlets in different town or city is clearly not directly removed from the oven, or in other words not ' fresh '. If fresh, you should also pay attention to the oil used to fry them. Most of the oil used to fry donuts in large-scale effort only replaced once every two weeks. Meanwhile, good donuts usually only last up to several hours. So you definitely will not want to eat donuts that are already on shelves all day.

2. Damage teeth

If you are eating too many donuts, it would be easily perforated teeth and gums will bleed more easily. Donut sugar levels can cause damage to the teeth. For that, you should reduce the consumption of donuts now before your teeth porous and must be paid with the expensive treatment.

3. Raise the weight

Many donuts can make you fatter and more easily tired. In addition to the sugars contained in it, also contains fat donut that could make fat. Instead of eating too many donuts, you should start eating more healthy foods like salad or fruit.

4. Interfere with mental health

Chemical substances contained in the donut could make his brain work with the maximum. People who eat too many donuts have a tendency to make decisions too hastily that will eventually harm.

5. Increase risk of diabetes

Besides leading to faster fat, eating too many donuts can also make you more quickly get diabetes. This is because fat and sugar contained in the donut. People who eat a lot of donuts along with a passive lifestyle and rarely exercise would make them more susceptible to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. For that, reduce the consumption of donuts from now on.

Those are some negative effects that you can get if you eat too many donuts. You may enjoy the occasional donut. But not too much, and offset by other, more healthy snacks such as vegetables, fruits, and others. It also did a good lifestyle with exercise diligent and always active to counteract the negative effects.