This efficacy of red chili that never known

This efficacy of red chili that never known - Who does not know with red chili? Although not directly consumed, the red pepper is known as a familiar spice for cooking in Indonesia. So far only known for the red chili spicy taste terrible and slap tongue. Not many people know that chili has hidden benefits.

One of the benefits of red chili that was never known before is the ability to ward off cataracts. Several studies have shown that red pepper has the ability to ward off eye diseases, such as cataracts. This is caused by the amount of vitamin C and carotene abundant in red chili.

So, what else is hidden properties owned by red chili? Here it is, as reported by Mag for Women.

1. Rich in vitamin C

Do not think that fruits such as grapefruit or guava is the only producer of vitamin C. Spicy red chilli peppers have vitamin C levels were very high. Vitamin C in red pepper acts as an antioxidant that protects the body and mind from the effects of stress. No, in fact, vitamin C in red chili higher than oranges.

2. Rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid

Unhealthy lifestyle makes a lot of people have abnormal blood sugar levels. Vitamin B6 in red pepper can help control blood sugar levels in the body. High content of vitamin B6 in red chili has an important role in gluconeogenesis, the activities in the body to control blood sugar levels. Not only that, red peppers also contain high levels of folic acid are good enough for the body and brain nutrition.

3. Lower the risk of heart attack

Currently heart attacks do not only occur in the elderly, but also on many young people. Therefore, it is important to have your eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Cayenne has the ability to lower the risk of heart attack and to prevent blockage in the blood vessels.

Those are some health benefits that are owned by a red chili. Efficacy above give reason for you not to avoid the spicy foods. Cayenne is also known to have fewer calories can be consumed every day without worrying cause fat.