5 Facts about the slob that fast food restaurants should be known

5 Facts about the slob that fast food restaurants should be known - Most fast food restaurants circulating in Indonesia is a branch of the fast food restaurants scattered around the world. Fast-food restaurants are known to have quality standards on the selection and processing of food. They ensure that the food served is nutritious and clean.

However, as reported from healthmeup.com, it turns fast food restaurants to save a surprising fact which had been unknown to the consumer. Here are the facts.

Half of the fast-food restaurant worker working in a state hospital

Based on a survey conducted in the year 2012, half of the fast-food restaurant workers suffer minor illnesses like the flu when they are working and diarrhea. Though viral diseases in the body they can contaminate the food being served.

Fast-food restaurant managers do not know the temperature to cook chicken

Approximately less than half of the fast-food restaurant managers do not know the correct temperature for cooking chicken. The correct temperature needed to cook the chicken for purposes other than that becomes a delicious chicken flavor also for killing bacteria and viruses that exist in the chicken meat.

Fast restaurant chefs do not cook a burger correctly

The same goes for fast food restaurants. They rarely want to check the proper temperature to cook a burger. That is why the burger flavor becomes unstable. Sometimes still half-baked or too mature.

Food safety regulations are not enforced

40 % of fast-food restaurant chefs do not use special cutting board used to cut raw chicken and about 25 % of them do not use gloves when processing chicken. Of course this affects the level of food hygiene.

Using wilted vegetables

Most vegetables are used in fast food in the withered condition. Of course you can not check the freshness of the vegetables because the vegetables have been incorporated into processed foods.

That is another fact of fast food restaurants that you should know. It can be considered for you to eat fast food.