9 health disorders that can be detected from the foot

9 health disorders that can be detected from the foot - The foot is a limb that is under the body. Although located at the bottom of the foot, but can be an indicator of your health.

Here are 9 health disorder that can be detected from the foot as reported from magforwomen.com.

1. Leg wound that does not heal

This is commonly referred to as diabetic food wounds in the legs which do not heal normally leads to diabetes. Therefore, if you experience it, it is better to consult a doctor.

2. Yellow toenails

Take a look at your toenails! If the color is yellow, your chances of having multiple fungal infection in the foot.

3. Toes shaped like a spoon

This could be a simple way to check if you are anemic or not. Toes are shaped like a spoon can be a indicator that your hemoglobin level is quite low.

4. Toes grow larger

If you notice that one of your toes grow bigger then most likely it is a sign your body of excess acid and then accumulate up in the foot.

5. Cold feet
Often feel cold feet when the air is not so cold? This could be a sign there is a problem with your thyroid gland.

6. Painful heel

If you are experiencing tremendous pain in your heel, then this may be an indicator of disease Plantar Fasciitis which means an inflammation of the tissues in your body.

7. Feather foot fall

It could be something exciting for women because your legs will look smooth. However, if this happens suddenly , it could be a sign of poor blood circulation.

8. Cramps are painful

Do not take lightly if you often experience painful cramps. It is a sign of your lack of calcium, potassium, or magnesium.

9. Legs feel numb

Often experience numbness in the feet indicate that there is a problem with your peripheral nervous system.

It turned legs may show some symptoms of the disease that plagued you. Therefore do not take for granted when your legs suddenly felt sick.