3 It is dangerous hidden in tea

Tea is one kind of drink that is believed to nourish the body. The content of herbs in it can improve the quality of your health. Besides antioxidative substances in tea are also able to make you avoid attacks from various kinds of diseases.

But apparently there are some dangerous things hidden in tea that can damage your health .

'Natural flavor ' in tea
You should be wary with the words' natural flavors' in tea. Because the tea has not always been a natural ingredient that affects the taste of the tea. The label could be just the trick to attract customers to buy tea production of the producers.

Tea packaging
Make sure you consume tea packaging completely safe. Especially relating to teabag. Because the tea bags containing epichlorohydrin, compounds known to lower the immune system, causing infertility, and cancer.

The composition of tea
Always choose the composition or material of organic tea. Because tea can also contain pesticides derived from tea leaves grown.

Tea can be detrimental to your health if you are wrong in choosing the type of tea. Therefore before taking them, learn the true composition of materials, packaging, and how to process the tea.