Effects of sleep deprivation as the head hit

Passing through New Year's Eve , surely many of you who do not sleep all night. Celebrating the new year is synonymous with staying up late and sleep deprivation. But you should not underestimate the effects of sleep deprivation. Recent studies reveal that sleep deprivation has an adverse effect on the brain.

Researchers reveal that the damage caused by lack of sleep on the same brain damage when head hit or be hit on the head. The study revealed that a sleepless night can cause changes in the brain similar to when a person is exposed at the head.

These results were obtained after investigators examining healthy young men. They showed a surge of chemicals that indicate brain damage after they did not sleep all night, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Professor Christian Benedict of Uppsala University, Sweden, explains that chemicals NSE and S - 100B is a marker of brain damage, such as when a collision occurs. Benedict explained that the researchers found an increase in the chemical substances in the blood in participants who did not sleep all night.

" It's not as much as when the head knock, but the increase is still significant. During sleep, the brain rid itself of toxic substances. Due to not sleeping, eating rate NSE and S - 100B is increased, " he said.

According to Professor Benedict, these results also support previous findings showing that lack of sleep can increase the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and disease Sclerosis. This study certainly reinforces that sleep is very important for brain health.

Many researchers even believe that the irregular hours of sleep and lack of sleep can lead to many diseases ranging from joint pain to heart disease. Even sleep less than eight hours a night can lower a person's IQ is considered.