Beware, television can inhibit the ability of the child's language

Many mothers who make television as part of his playing time with the child. Sometimes they invite children to watch TV, but sometimes they just turn on the television while taking children to play. This seemingly innocuous habits turned out to have a great impact on the development of children, especially toddlers.

The study found that turning on the television when taking children to play can inhibit the ability of children to learn to speak, as reported by Web MD. Whereas the development of language skills and motor start rapidly when children under five.

These results are found to researchers after observing interactions between 49 parents and their children who are toddlers aged 12, 26, and 36 months. They play as he turned on the television for an hour. During play, a television program aired relating to adults and older children.

Researchers found that the television sound is in the background when parents play with children to make words and sentences spoken by the child's parents become clearly audible. Although parents focus entirely on their infants, but toddlers can not focus on their parents. Their concentration was split between parents with television sound.

This study is very important because most children under two years of age have been exposed to television broadcasts as background noise at least 5.5 hours a day, said researchers in the Journal of Children and Media.

Tiffany Pempek, lead researcher, explained that when playing with children should parents do not turn on the television. Especially parents should avoid television content related to adult or juvenile for their children.

Although the baby did not understand what was being broadcast by television and just hear his voice while playing, but this could inhibit their ability to learn language. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should not be introduced to the television and up to age 24 months or two years.