8 healthy advantages of palm oil

Palm oil is generally use for cooking. Oil made from palm tree contains beta carotene, vitamin E, and antioxidants. This oil is also made ​​up of saturated fat and unsaturated fat.

It turns out that in addition used for cooking, this oil is also beneficial for your health like the example below.
  • Useful as a source of energy during diet 
  • Unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial for the heart 
  • free cholesterol 
  • Rich in vitamin E and pro-vitamin A 
  • Stable at high temperatures 
  • Important source of linoleic acid 
  • Help raise HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol favorable 
  • Beneficial antioxidants in it to prevent strokes and have anti-cancer properties 
Not always that palm oil is able to harm your health if you are able origin correctly. One way is by not reusing cooking oil that has been used for many times.