Some Nutrition Myths Can Be Dangerous, And These 5 Top The List

Some Nutrition Myths Can Be Dangerous, And These 5 Top The List  - When was the final time someone said something about nutrition and you also believed it instantly? Or can you remember getting convinced having a super-persuasive TV advertisement or perhaps a random online article that spoke about food?
Information, let me inform you my friend, is a thing We‘ve in abundance today. And hence, it isn‘t getting some information, but getting the ideal information that seals the deal.
Some Nutrition Myths Can Be Dangerous, And These 6 Top The List

Following will be the six top nutrition myths which will leave your jaw dropped. Check them out and kick-start the ideal life !

Some Nutrition Myths Can Be Dangerous, And These 5 Top The List

1. Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal : 

You‘d have heard this statement millions of times already, but the undeniable fact that the statement is really a myth could be a challenge to digest.

Why Is It A Myth?

Whenever you skip breakfast and eat nothing till midday, you are doing something called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is extremely beneficial because it benefits you restrict calories, thereby extending your lifespan and enhances your cardiovascular and brain functions (1 ).

Fasting has also shown to enhance growth hormone secretions in man (2 ).

The Research

An investigation named the ‘Bath Breakfast Project’ involved 33 men and ladies of normal weight. They had been randomly made to possess breakfast before 11 a. m., or skip it altogether. Metabolic markers like blood glucose and cholesterol levels were taken into consideration, and also the trial was performed for any period of six weeks.

The findings turned out to become surprising, as there wasn’t any measurable difference noted between the 2 groups (3 ).

2. 3 Large Meals? NO. 6 Small Meals? Yes ! 

Well, this does sound logical. Having multiple small meals might promote portion control, while gorging on a couple of large meals might do otherwise.

However, research doesn’t agree by it.

Why Is It A Myth?

Eating six small meals each day isn‘t any differ from eating three large meals, when one thinks of fat loss or metabolism (4 ). Also, whenever you consume three large meals, you are likely to leave sufficient gap in between them. This triggers a process called autophagy that helps clean the waste away from your cells (5 ).

The Research

In one study, a total of 16 obese adults (8 men and 8 women ) were divided into two treatment groups. The very first group was made to consume six meals each day, while the next had three meals. The study was performed for 8 weeks, and also the results showed no significant difference between the 2 groups in pertinence to fat loss (6 ).

3. Artificial Sweeteners Are Safer Than Sugar : 

This ought to be the foremost widely propagated myth ever. Whether it is television commercials or digital media, the air surrounding artificial sweeteners is no lower than rosy.

But in reality, which is not so.

Why Is It A Myth?

The rationale people prefer artificial sweeteners to sugar is that the less quantity of calories in them. But saccharin, a constituent of artificial sweeteners can drastically alter the microbes residing in your intestines. This will result in glucose intolerance, thereby impairing the ability of processing of glucose in certain people (7 ).

The Research

Research conducted from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, proved the toxic nature of artificial sweeteners (8 ).

Two groups of mice were used inside the study. One group was fed with water and natural sugars like sucrose and glucose. Another group was fed with commercial sugar substitutes like saccharin and aspartame.

Within two hours, the latter number of mice showed elevated levels of blood glucose.

Inside an plan to study the results of artificial sweeteners on humans, specific data was collected by 381 non-diabetic individuals. The researchers found that prolonged consumption of artificial sweeteners can lead to negative health effects like weight again.

4. Eggs Are Bad For Your Heart : 

Egg-lovers, don’t worry, that statement is simply a myth ! This really is one line which has made numerous rounds inside the rumor mill.

The Research

Research was conducted that involved 9, 734 individuals involving the ages of 25 and 74 years. They had been divided into three broad groups. The very first group consumed no or lower than 1 egg every week, the next group took 1 to six eggs every week, and also the third group was made to possess greater than 6 eggs every week.

With regard to cardiovascular disease or stroke, no significant difference was observed between any from the three groups. This proves the undeniable fact that regular consumption of eggs doesn‘t result in cardiovascular diseases (11 ).

Why Is It A Myth?

It really has been recorded that inside the year 2013 alone, 93 percent from the soybeans grown inside the US were genetically modified (12 ). And the majority studies conducted on genetically modified foods indicated the onset of renal, pancreatic, reproductive along with other effects with the use (13 ).

The Research

Research was conducted that involved 34 rats divided into two equal groups. One group was fed with non-genetically modified soybeans while another group was fed with genetically modified soybeans. It was eventually observed that though the nutritional performances from the rats remained unaltered, the pancreatic functions were badly affected (14 ).

5. Low-Fat + High-Carb = Perfect Weight Loss Diet : 

This really is one formula most obese people live by. But studies show why they shouldn’t.

Why Is It A Myth?

The typical carbohydrates We‘ve, also referred to as simple carbohydrates have simple chemical structures. Because of this, they‘re quickly and easily digested, thereby leading to a faster rise inside the blood sugar levels. This will have negative side effects (15 ). Hence, an invariably high-carb food could be detrimental to one’s health.

The Research

Inside a study conducted by Tulane University, New Orleans, 148 obese individuals were randomly assigned either a low-fat or perhaps a low-carb diet. No calorie restrictions were imposed upon the individuals.

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The trial was performed for any year, and also the results were unexpected. The individuals upon the low-carb diet lost 7. 7 pounds greater than those upon the low-fat diet. Also, the low-carb group saw a rise inside the good HDL cholesterol (16 ).

Some Nutrition Myths Can Be Dangerous, And These 5 Top The List - The tv and also the internet say one hundred things inside a hundred alternative ways, though it‘s as much as us to obtain the facts right, isn’t it? Concentrate on the much-propagated nutrition myths and begin living the ideal life !