10 Ways to order higher quality sleep

10 Ways to order higher quality sleep - To maintain a healthy body fit and healthy we must sleep at least 6 hours a day. Many people who do not sleep at 6 hours a day, the reason for difficulty sleeping and working overtime. Though it is very important to sleep enough to keep the cells that have been damaged at the time of daily activities was replaced with a new one. For those of you who have trouble sleeping, consider the following sleep tips cited on FoxNews, so you sleep more soundly.

1. Create a sleep schedule

Often sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning, and eventually your body will get used to sleep at the same time. Because by doing things like this, you will sleep more soundly.

2. Write a note to sleep

You touched writing habits before bed each night to understand your habits that affect your sleep. By doing so you will keep track of what makes you not able to sleep.

3. Do not smoke

Smoking can make you short of breath and of course you can not sleep soundly. Nicotine in cigarettes can also make sleep apnea worse. Then stop smoking.

4. Influence of drugs

Ask your doctor first or look at whether the drug packaging can make a drink when we can not sleep soundly. Because most drugs can make your insomnia.

5. Diligent exercise

Exercise also can make you sleep more soundly at night. But do not do exercise close to bedtime, because it can damage the bed. Better to do exercise in the morning, afternoon and evening are not close to your bedtime.

6. Do not drink coffee near bedtime

Because coffee contains caffeine, obviously can disrupt sleep. Should drink coffee with aqueous portion only, because the caffeine content is not too high.

7. Write a diary

Perform light activity before bedtime will also keep you asleep. Try to write a diary, write down what you think about before bed that makes you can not sleep. Because a lot of thought that you thought before bed will cause you can not sleep.

8. Perform relaxing activities before bed

After working all day sometimes you can not go to sleep while in bed. Give your body time to transition after a series of activities for an hour before going to bed. For example, by cleansing, preparing work tomorrow and so on.

9. Drinking milk

A glass of hot milk will warm the body and make it more full so you will easily sleepy.

10. Snacking on cheese and crackers

Combining carbohydrates and calcium can boost serotonin, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel calm. Enjoy the snack an hour before bedtime.

Hopefully by knowing 10 things to get the quality sleep you can sleep comfortably.