An easy way to introduce the importance of drinking water to children

An easy way to introduce the importance of water on child - His name children must have been very difficult to persuade them to drink water, not sweet taste is sure to be the main reason they reject it. If they are lazy to drink water, then they will dry lips and chapped. You definitely do not want your child exposed to many diseases due to lack of drinking water, and therefore you must be smart to persuade them to drink water, so that they will understand the function of water for the body.

Like a bike without tires without gas or wind, as well as the body, because the body can not function without water. In the adult body is only 60 percent water, but the amount varies according to how our bodies regulate weight. In obese people, for example, the water usually accounts for only 45 percent of the body weight.

Reason why we should drink plenty of water because about two - thirds of our body is water in our cells, which could make them work well. Thirds is in our organs, providing oxygen and nutrients and remove waste and stir in the body. No matter big or small, young or old, we all have to make sure that we get the amount of water we need.

Reporting from Health U.S. News, here's how to make your child want to drink water and know the importance of water in the body.

1. Buy an attractive drink bottles

This way it will look attractive to them, because the children will love it interesting and funny. Try you put water into a bottle which is interesting, for sure they will be interested and will drink it.

Well with that, the child will be hydrated at school during hours sport. You can also buy a bottle of your favorite drink, or even the same with your children, for inspiring him to do the same.

Meanwhile, teach your child to use the example of the importance of hydration for our health. Add the lemon pieces or berries to add a little flavor and make it more vibrant.

2. Play and exercise together

On a weekend or school holidays are a great time to spend time with the baby. Rather than always go out to eat, watch or take a walk to the mall, why not invite your child to go jogging or playing with the bike?

It would be very fun and exciting, but it can also get you a healthy and ideal body through exercise. And on the sidelines of the activity that is fun, you can teach your child to drink.

3. Water - rich snack with

Juice! Is one of a very pleasant soft drinks taken together, talking and listening to your child talk about their daily life, certainly more fun. So, it never hurts to make your child fresh fruit juice, which must contain a lot of water and vitamins.

You definitely know not, a number of studies indicate that unaccounted eating fruits and vegetables help us fight heart disease and stroke and prevent some cancers.

Melon and cantaloupe contains 90 percent water as well as vitamin A, which can help in nourishing dry skin. While watermelon contains more than 90 percent water and has the benefit of anti - inflammatory and antioxidant.

While strawberries can be a very good choice, because it contains about 92 percent water and provide significant protection against cardiovascular disease. Refresh and recharge the body fluids in a manner that sweet and fun, after the activities you and your child all day.

That's three ways to teach your kids to love the water, apply this method on a regular basis so that your child does not get bored of water consumed. And of course you have a way to make your child love the water, because each person must be different in her face. And so may be useful.