This is the danger of consuming juice packaging

In order to maintain health, so many that include your followers and then turning to a healthy diet. However, because the density of activity, then you choose healthy food preparations but in the form of an instant. One is a fruit juice that is in the packaging.

Actually how Sehatkan fruit juices are packed in containers?

Bottled juice contain hidden sugar
Fruit juice in containers contain hidden sugars. Sugar can come from fruit flavorings that serves to strengthen the flavor in the juice.

Bottled juice is absorbed too quickly
A study conducted by the Human Nutrition Research Unit of the Medical Research Council in Cambridge said that bottled juice contains very little nutrients and are easily absorbed by the body because most only contain water in them.

Juice packaging disrupt your diet
If you're on a diet, you should avoid to consume fruit juice in the package. Because of this type of juice contains a lot of sugar and will actually increase your appetite.

Based on the above , you should avoid to consume the juice in containers. You better make your own juice derived from natural fruit juices because the type is not lost in fiber and nutrients.