This test can find cancer in a matter of hours!

The experts claim that in the near future, cancer can be diagnosed and at the same type known in a matter of hours. A kind of new tests being developed for the diagnosis of patients likely to have cancer in a fast way.

According to researchers, this test can tell doctors the type of cancer that affects the patient's middle. That way , the doctor can immediately take care of the patient. Given the importance of early treatment in cancer, it is very important of course.

Previously, tissue samples from cancer patients have to be sent to a specialist to be studied first. However, by using a single test is simpler, now cancer can be diagnosed in a matter of hours. The test is called Mass Spectrometry Imaging ( MSI ).

This test gives the doctor's convenience. They can directly process the samples using a computer scan and find thousands of chemical components present in the network. By doing so, the cancer cells can be easily found. Not only shows the diagnosis, these tests also indicate the type of cancer the patient.

"There is a major change in the way we examined tissue samples from cancer-related 19th century. Latest test gives a very big possibility in the future, is also very useful for patient safety, " said Professor Jeremy Nicholson of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London, as reported by the Daily Mail.

For years researchers have tried to use the MSI, but have not found a suitable method to be able to use it. Currently they can use to make a diagnosis of cancer. Researchers hope that in the future they could reduce the number of cancer deaths in this way.

Not only useful for diagnosing the disease, the test is also expected to be used to develop treatments for other diseases.