7 types of healthy tasty sauce

Are you among those who can not be without the extra sauce or other condiments in your food? The sauce was created to taste the cuisine. But unfortunately the sauce could also be the culprit of your weight gain.

Here is the type of sauce that is tasty but still keeps the body healthy as reported from boldsky.com.

Pesto sauce

Pesto sauce is a sauce made from a mixture of olive oil and pine nuts. Besides spices herbs like basil sauce add this healthy.


Wasabi is a sauce that is commonly found in Japanese food. The green sauce is rich in isothiocyanates that can protect your body against cancer.

Salsa sauce

Salsa sauce is a sauce made from a mixture of tomato and garlic as the main ingredient. Because tomatoes high in lycopene and garlic contains flavonoids in it, then consume this sauce can protect heart health.


The green sauce is made from a mixture of avocado and lime. Guacamole sauce commonly found in food Mexico. Because it is made of avocado, then the sauce is high in healthy fatty acids and vitamin A.

Tabasco sauce

Although it has a taste that spicy, tabasco sauce can help your body to fight infection. For tabasco sauce made from chili-containing capcaisin in it.


Self-made tomato sauce healthier than tomato sauce you buy in the market. Because the content of lycopene and vitamin C that is in the tomatoes still awake. Boil until thickened tomato sauce to make this.

Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire sauce or gravy English is very good for the health of your body because this sauce contains some iron and vitamin B6. This sauce also has anti-inflammatory properties and can improve your immune system from infection.

Besides being able to provide additional flavor to the food you eat, the sauce on top is also good for health. So it would not hurt if you apply them on top of your food.