4 These nutrients must be consumed while in their 20s

4 These nutrients must be consumed while in their 20s - 20s is the phase in which man experiences many physical and mental growth is rapid. Therefore foods, especially healthy food is something that is crucial at this age. But eating can be a challenging activities. Whatever you eat at a young age can affect your health in old age.

Here are four nutrients that you must fill in your 20s as reported from magforwomen.com.

1. Calcium

Calcium is important for bone health, especially in the 20s, where it is the ideal time for bone growth. If not enough calcium you need to fulfill in your 20s , it will cause the risk of osteoporosis and weak bones grow. Foods that contain lots of calcium are milk, dairy products, eggs, and fish.

2. Protein

Good protein for muscle development and maintaining muscle tone. If you 're dieting, you should pay attention to your diet because you do not let a lack of protein. Fish or seafood is the right choice to meet your protein needs.

3. Fat

Less fat, especially saturated fat shall you eat in your 20s. If you are afraid of the risk of cholesterol, choose foods that contain fat with a low number such as yogurt, lean meats, and nuts.

4. Carbohydrate

Not always a bad carbohydrates for your health. In fact, when in your 20s you need a lot of carbs because when you get older, your body can not digest carbohydrates as well as while you are still in their 20s.

In your 20s you are basically free to eat any food. However consume wisely and balanced because what you consume at a young age plays an important role in your health when in old age.