Learn about the health benefits of the 7 types of these spices

The spices were not only gives a delicious flavor to food, but spice it also provides many benefits for health.

Identify the types of the following spices for health benefits as reported from magforwomen.com.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a unique flavor that is slightly sweet and spicy. Cinnamon has many health benefits such as being able to make healthy digestion, reduce blood sugar, cholesterol in the body.

2. Cardamom

Eating cardamom able to prevent bad breath and improve your mood. Cardamom is also useful to improve digestive health and appetite.

3. Clove

Clove has many anti- bacterial properties in it. Therefore cloves can cure toothache naturally.

4. Black pepper

In addition to adding a spicy flavor in the dish, black pepper is also used as an appetite plants, expectorant, and tonic good for calming the nerves.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is rich in anti-septic and anti-seizure inflammatory in it. So that turmeric is very beneficial for treating cuts and bruises. Eating foods containing turmeric is also useful to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's.

6. Saffron

Saffron comes from the flowers. This spice has a price that is quite expensive but has a high benefit for heart health.

7. Fennel

Fennel seeds loaded with potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. Fennel also has anti-spasmodic properties and helps to relieve colic in infants.

Spices was not only gives a delicious flavor to dishes but also beneficial to health. So, do not hesitate to consume kinds of spices on top.