6 Signs the lack of fat

Currently, many people are confused as to lose weight. In fact, it's not always bad to consume fat. For body fat is equally important as are vegetables and other nutrients. Fat needed by the body to produce energy, helps brain development, helps absorb vitamins, and others.

If you've often avoid fat, lest you actually lack of fat. Many people are not aware that their body fat deficiency. Here are some signs if a person is deficient in fat and need to eat more fat, as reported by Care2.

1. Often cold

People who lack of fat in the body often feel cold. Fat in the body responsible for making the body produce heat and keep warm. Therefore, if you frequently freezing temperatures even in relatively not too cold, chances are your lack of fat and need to eat more fat again.

2. Taking vitamin supplements

If you take vitamin supplements to strengthen bones, eyes, and heart health, you will likely need an additional shortage of fats and fat. Vitamins such as A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble in water. This means that these vitamins will be absorbed by fat. Lack of fat will cause your vitamin deficiency. Therefore consume more healthy fats to help the body absorb vitamins.

3. Feels difficulty concentrating

If you often problematic and can not concentrate, and feeling constantly tired throughout the day, try the additional consumption of healthy fats. One of them you can get through the fatty salmon. The study revealed that omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, certain oils, or spinach can improve cognitive function.

4. The dry skin

Do you have dry skin, easy scaly, and itchy? It was also one of the signs you are short of healthy fats. The study revealed that deficiency of omega three fatty acids can make the skin more sensitive and dry.

5. Unstable blood sugar

If you have high blood sugar levels and unstable, you need more fat. Foods rich in healthy fats will have a positive effect on blood sugar levels than the low-fat diet. But make sure you eat foods that contain healthy fats, not bad fats.

Those are some signs of people who need extra fat. If you have one of the above signs or have one of them, you need the extra fat. But do not be selecting any fatty foods. Ensure that selected fats are healthy fats.