5 Things that make people restless sleep than insomnia

5 Things that make people restless sleep than insomnia - Certainly enough sleep is needed by the body to stay fit. Lack of sleep can lead to many health problems such as obesity, fatigue, or excessive anxiety.

Trouble sleeping is not just caused by insomnia. There are many things that can cause a person to have trouble sleeping. What is it? Here are some of the causes of sleeplessness in addition to insomnia, as reported by Mag for Women.

1. Stress

Thinking too much time going to sleep makes a person difficult to sleep. For that, you should jernikah mind before sleep. Think of the problems that create stress will only keep you awake all night. In addition, issues to think about before bed also can not be resolved, because you 're not thinking clearly. So before bed should first try to eliminate any problems or stress you are currently facing. Sleep well, then think about the issue again later after waking.

2. Overeat

When the stomach is too full of food, you will find it difficult to sleep. This is because the stomach needs time to digest all the food Yanga da inside. In addition, a full stomach will make you have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep.

3. Hunger

Not just eating too much can make it difficult to sleep, but also hunger. If you are dieting and not eating enough before bed, chances are you will be hard to sleep soundly. Hunger also often interfere with a person's sleep and keep them up at night for a snack. If this happens, not only disrupted sleep, the risk of obesity also increases.

4. Too much drinking

When you are just too much to drink and not urinate before going to bed, chances are you will not be able to sleep well and have trouble sleeping. There are two possibilities that happens, you will often go to the bathroom to urinate or you will more easily feel thirsty at night while sleeping. To that end, drink in moderation, especially before bed. Do not drink excessive water, although water can be healthy for the body.

5. Lack of exercise

For some people, insomnia can also be caused by lack of exercise. It could be that the cause is because the body does not feel tired so did not see sleep as an option to do. To overcome this, go for a walk or jogging for a while at home during the afternoon, so you can sleep soundly at night.

Those are some reasons that could make it difficult to sleep. Quality sleep is important for maintaining a healthy body. Not only that, lack of sleep can also make people lose their appetite or have a bad mood.